History At Our House (HAOH) was first offered to a private community of homeschoolers in 2006, and after this first trial year it was made available to the general homeschooling public in 2007. Since that time the program has grown by leaps and bounds, as homeschoolers throughout the United States — and around the world! — have quickly discovered that this new curriculum is the ultimate history resource for homeschoolers! Read on to find out more, or let Mr. Powell walk you through it, in this brief introductory video:

Basic Facts About the Program

  • History At Our House (HAOH) is an audio and screencast history curriculum for homeschoolers (and afterschoolers) offered via Cisco WebEx web conferencing software.
  • HAOH is available to students anywhere in two basic formats:
    • 1. Live classes conducted via WebEx
    • 2. Internet-based audio and screencast recordings (in MP3 and MP4 format)
  • HAOH offers a comprehensive, integrated, and exciting program of instruction in Ancient, European, and American history, on a three-year cycle, plus an extra-curricular year of Asian history.
  • HAOH is for students from 2nd to 12th grade

Live Classes

  • MrP_EzineHAOH offers live classes via an advanced web conference system
    • Students call in using headsets or speakerphones and their computer or tablets.
  • Classes run four days a week for all levels: Monday-Thursday
  • The HAOH School Year for live classes runs from early September to mid June.
  • There are two tiers of live participation, for as little as $35/month.

Audio Recordings

  • Many users of History At Our House prefer the flexibility and affordability of audio and screencast recordings.
  • Audio recordings are provided in MP3 format.  Screencast videos are offered in MP4 format.
    • Recordings can be played on your computer, or downloaded onto an iPod or other portable player.
    • You can listen to lectures anywhere, anytime
  • Recordings, i.e. Tier 1 of the product, are available for only $20/month.

Just the Most Important Facts, Please!

  • The goal of a proper history curriculum is to help students develop the trait of “historical-mindedness.
  • To help students see the value of history, HAOH is focused and essentialized. It presents only the most important facts from the past.
  • By presenting only the most important facts, HAOH is able to operate on a three-year cycle. This provides students with repeated exposure to the same material, at higher and higher levels of abstraction.

Instruction at Four Levels

  • HAOH offers instruction for students from 2nd to 12th grade:
    • Lower Elementary (for 2nd and 3rd graders, i.e. age 7-8)
    • Upper Elementary (for 4th to 6th graders, i.e. age 9-11)
    • Junior High (for 7th to 9th graders, i.e. age 12-14)
    • High School (for 10th to 12th graders, i.e. age 15-18)
  • How it All Fits Together

Program Highlights

  • ThreePicsSmallHistory At Our House isn’t just history. It’s history, geography, and art!
  • Kids love the innovative HistoryThroughArt program!
    • Sample FREE lessons here!
  • HAOH is a secular history program.
    • What does it mean for a history program to be “secular”?
      Find out here.
  • Live classes give students the chance to work with an expert.
  • Audio recordings give families flexibility and affordability.

Reviews of History At Our House

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