Sample Lectures

The following are lectures that demonstrate the different levels of instruction and some of the unique instructional techniques used in HistoryAtOurHouse. For instance, the Lower Elementary sample lecture tackles the all-important issue of motivation when studying history. The Upper Elementary lecture illustrates key concepts (such as different forms of government) that are taught. The Junior High lecture shows both the style of narrative presentation and the interactivity of lectures at that level of the HistoryAtOurHouse program. The High School sample lecture demonstrates the type of analysis and integration to which the students at that level are expected to pursue. Finally, the History Through Art screencasts show you want the screencast method of instruction now used in the program looks like.

Lower Elementary – Sample Audio Lecture:
Why Study History?

Upper Elementary – Sample Audio Lecture:
Introduction to Athenian History

Junior High – Sample Audio Lecture:
Introduction to the Renaissance

High School – Sample Aduio Lecture:
Integrating European History


SAMPLE SCREENCASTS (History Through Art)


A Scene from History by Karl von Piloty (Part 1)

A Scene from History by Karl von Piloty (Part 2)