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The 2023-24 school year with History At Our House is entitled “America and the World We Live In” with not only American History covered in the core curriculum–but the history of the Americas–and government classes on Thursdays and Fridays.

The academic school year begins August 21.



The HISTORYATOURHOUSE Schedule will continue to have Elementary classes at 12pm Central and Jr/Sr High classses at 1pm Central.  This matches previous years.  Weekly printables (below) will be updated shortly.

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HHM1: Amazing Resources for 2017!
HHM2: Why is History Normally So Boring?
Mr. Powell is (one of) “those teachers”…who make learning meaningful and memorable. Even my daughter, who manages challenges with sustaining attention, easily connects with the subject matter because of Mr. Powell’s methods and enthusiasm.
Denise, California

“My son…called home a few days ago (from college) thrilled that he doesn’t have to study for his History class. He said he knew it all from your class!”

Sue, California

“My boys are enjoying the…class tremendously. Every day I hear about the ‘question they were asked’ or the answer they knew. History became their undisputed favorite subject…”
Garr, Minnesota

Read more reviews:

Ancient History

Where did it all start? c.3000 BC in ancient Egypt the recorded story of human history begins. The study of the ancient world teaches us about our roots. Most importantly, it reveals how human beings finally learned to overcome the tyranny of monarchy and establish better governments, such as the Athenian democracy and the Roman republic. The Renaissance of Greco-Roman civilization has been a crucial factor shaping our world. To understand its foundation is the purpose of ancient history. Available as Live Webex classes and recordings in MP3 format available for 2015-16

Ancient History

The HistoryAtOurHouse program is designed to teach students about the world we live in. The most important story in that regard is the story of America, the world’s sole military, economic, and cultural superpower. How did America rise to this status? What was unique about the American founding, and how has America evolved — for better, and unfortunately, for worse — into the dominant nation that it is today? The answers are to be found in American History.    Recordings in MP4 and MP3 format available for 2015-16

Ancient History

The role of Asia in shaping the world we live in continues to grow. Sadly, the contact between the West and the Islamic world has a tragic character. The story of India, on the other hand, promises a unique integration of Western and Eastern values. What of China? A renewed world superpower? And Japan? Once a terrible threat, now a contributor to a globalized order led by the United States. The story of Asia reveals how the modern international system arose. Recordings in MP4 and MP3 format available for 2015-16.

European History – Recordings

To understand the world we live in, including America, the student of history must study Europe. Europe is America’s “mother continent.” It is also the culture that dominated the world for four hundred years, and spread its form of government to the far corners of the globe. The story of Europe, from the fall of Rome to the present day supranational union is a crucial building-block for students looking to grasp how our world came to be, and where it is going.  MP3 and MP4 recordings for 2015-16.

High School: American Government

This honors program for high school students is recommended for students with a strong groundwork of knowledge in American history, including at least a full year of American history with HAOH at the Jr. or Sr. High level.  The course covers the history of constitutional government, American foreign policy, and economic regulation, which three themes are integrated to plot the trajectory of American government into the future as America evolves from a constitutional republic into a social democracy.

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