What if you and your child could learn more in ONE LESSON than most students learn in a year? Try BIG PICTURE HISTORIES and you’ll know that it’s possible! Chinese history is within your grasp NOW.

In this first in a new series of “Big Picture” histories, Mr. Powell of www.HistoryAtOurHouse.com will show you how to grasp the connection between past and present — and really learn it! You will learn the method of Anchor Facts (TM) that can help you avoid the harmful perception that history is merely the boring “study of the past” and help you to understand China’s place in the world we live in.

No prior knowledge of Chinese history is required. Parents and students who have tried to learn the history of China, but who have been frustrated by being unable to grasp the “big picture” will find the class especially helpful. Students who already understand parts of the story will finally see how they fit together! Learn more…


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