Special Topics Recordings Archive


Week 7

Lecture 14: Periodization, Continued

Lecture 13: Periodization

  • The recording of this video in full screen mode was unsuccessful.  I will try to make up for it by an accelerated presentation on Friday. Sorry for the technical issue.   We’ll get a lot done tomorrow! 

Week 6

Lecture 12: The Diaspora and Zionism

Lecture 11: The Peace Process

Week 5

Lecture 10: The Arab-Israeli Wars

Lecture 9: The Formation of the State of Israel

Week 4

Lecture 8: Israel Today

Lecture 7: Review

Week 3

Lecture 6: The Whole Context, Part 2

Lecture 5: The Whole Context

Week 2

Lecture 4: A More Detailed Picture

Lecture 3: The Big Picture, Continued

Week 1

Lecture 2: The Big Picture

Lecture 1: Israel and the World We Live In

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