History Through Art – A History At Our House Exclusive

History Through Art

History At Our House offers a unique program that combines the story of the past with the pleasures of visual art appreciation. History Through Art invites children (and adults) to examine fabulous works of visual art that present historical themes in concrete form, and imbue the people who have moved history with a character that no narrative can provide!


The Power of Visual Art


Who was Columbus? What obstacles did he face and what support did he receive? Just what did he contribute to the story of the world? Students examine these questions with the help of artist William Powell in his painting “Columbus at Salamanca.”


History Through Art provides children with a unique perspective on the past. It helps them cement their understanding of the pivotal role of unique individuals in moving history forward. It gives them a readily graspable referent at the same time as it offers fuel for the imagination!


What drove the “pilgrims” to America? Did they come for religious freedom, or something else? Were they all of the same mind? Students explore the question through the art of Robert Weir in his “Embarcation of the Pilgrims.”


History Through Art is a component of the History At Our House program. When you sign up for History At Our House, you get History Through Art included. It’s also a great way to bring History to Your House for 2015-16 with new lessons available as singles, special packages, and weekly classes.  Don’t miss the program news on this expanding option by joining the E-mail list!


Who was the real George Washington? What can artists tell us, perhaps more clearly than historians!? How can visual art help us better know and appreciate the past? The History Through Art program helps students see the value of visual art.


Learn more about the History Through Art program of the coming academic year here.  Watch a sample screencast for Jr/Sr High students here.

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