History Through Art for 2015-16

History Through Art Program News 2015-16

HtA_LogoFor many years, the History Through Art component of the HistoryAtOurHouse program has been a client and student favorite.  Combining visual art appreciation and the discussion of historical content and themes, History Through Art is a unique interactive experience for students.  The program has typically featured once a week, as part of the normal HistoryAtOurHouse program, but it will be expanding in 2015-16. Not only will History Through Art be offered in conjunction with the live program of Ancient history, but starting this year, and for the first time  live classes of History Through Art will be available to users of the recorded (America, European, and Asian) programs as well!

To get the latest History Through Art program news, don’t forget to join our E-mail list.  In the mean time, here are some of the amazing works of art we’ll be learning to appreciate in the coming year in the 2015-16 Ancient history live program…


Art about Ancient Egypt (click for a full-size image)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMakart_The Nile Hunt of Cleopatra Cleopatra_Testing_Poisions_Cabanel

Art about Ancient Mesopotamia (click for a full-size image)

Poynter Bridgman_Diversions_of_an_Assyrian_King

Art about Ancient Greece (click for a full-size image)

1874, Homer and his Guide 10694479_495301563939925_5537763685457533049_o LawrenceAlmaTadema-Phidias-Showing-the-Frieze-of-the-Parthenon-to-his-Friends-1868

Guerin_Large David_LARGE

Art about Ancient Rome (click for a full-size image)

Gra_Large Tadema_AandC Yvon

Cincinato_abandona_el_arado_para_dictar_leyes_a_Roma,_c.1806_de_Juan_Antonio_Ribera A_Roman_Emperor_AD41 Félix_Joseph_Barrias_-_Tiberius_exiles_-_Google_Art_Project

Art about Early Christianity (click for a full-size image)

gerome-auguste-naissance-jesus- copie ± Anthony_van_Dyck

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