Europe, Russia, and the World We Live In (2019-20)

The World is Knowable -- And It's Worth It!

The world we live in is an interconnected set of nearly two hundred countries in which the United States has primacy. 



Even so, it was Europe that did more to shape the world than any other culture in the past–for better and for worse. 

To understand the world we live inone must study Europe…



…and Russia–a country whose fate is interlocked with Europe’s — AND OURS! 



An exciting presentation of a past that informs the present is the focus of the program of Europe, Russia, and the World We Live In for 2019-20.



FORMAT: LIVE ON-LINE CLASSES + Youtube recordings




The 2019-20 school year features the core curriculum of history as well as optional writing, art, and other great classes.


Fill out the Registration Form to contact Mr. Powell for more detailed information.

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