American History – Live Classes and Recordings for 2020-21!

SPRING MINI-COURSE: March 1 – April 14

The 2020-21 school year covers American history from many angles.  In the Spring Mini-Course, available to continuing and new students, we’ll be looking specifically at the industrial revolution that has transformed modern life. 

We’ll learn about the story of transportation from the Age of Steam, to automobiles and air travel, and to the age of space exploration.

We’ll also study the rise of telecommunications, from telegraphs to smartphones–and especially the transformations brought about by modern computing

Technological innovation in power generation, food production, and medicine will also feature in this sweeping history that will help students to make sense of the world we live in.

One of the most important parts of the class will be the study of society’s responses to technology from Luddism (think: the “screen time” debate in your household) and transcendentalism, to conservationism and preservationism, and finally to modern environmentalism and catastrophism.

This six-week segment will be an especially great way for new students to try History At Our House!



Live on-line classes will follow the normal History At Our House schedule — three days a week of live online classes: Monday-Tuesday–Wednesday.

Recordings of every class are available to live students, as well as to families or adult students who want to study on their own time.

ELEMENTARY CLASS SCHEDULE:  Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday 12pm Central

JR/SR HIGH CLASS SCHEDULE: Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday 1pm Central

PRICE: $225 for live classes; $99 for recordings only.


TO REGISTER contact Mr. Powell at 281-832-1213 or for more details.

Grab your spot now!  Places are limited, and classes begin March 1! 



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