2020-21 News

American History – New Live Classes for 2020-21!

The world we live in is an interconnected set of nearly two hundred countries grouped into various major cultural blocks, in which the United States has primacy.  What values does the United States stand for?  How does it shape the world as the “world police power.”?  And how did the world come to be this way?  An exciting presentation of a past that informs the present is the focus of the American history curriculum for 2020-21.   FORMAT: LIVE CLASSES + Youtube recordings.  [Syllabi:  Elementary | Junior High | High School ]


The 2020-21 school year features the core curriculum of history (and government) as well as optional writing, art, and other great classes through Outschool.com.

The following weekly schedule is from previous years, but anticipated to be used in 2020-21 as well:


  • Printable 2020-21 Academic Calendar (PDF Coming Soon!)

(Sample 2017-18 American History Calendar)

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