WEEK 37/Sub-Saharan Africa Week 7


Lecture 101/19: Preview of “Europe, Russia, and the World We Live In”

Lecture 100/18: Prospects for Africa

Lecture 99/17: Test Preparation

WEEK 36/Sub-Saharan Africa Week 6



Lecture 98/16: South Africa, Part 3

Lecture 97/15: South Africa, Part 2

Lecture 96/14: South Africa, Part 1

WEEK 35/Sub-Saharan Africa Week 5


Lecture 95/13: Decolonization

Lecture 94/12: The European Empires and the World Wars

Lecture 93/11: European Imperialism in Africa

WEEK 34/Sub-Saharan Africa Week 4


Lecture 92/10: The Scramble for Africa

Lecture 91/9: Great Britain and the War on Slavery

Lecture 90/8: The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade

WEEK 33/Sub-Saharan Africa Week 3


Lecture 89/7: The Portuguese Circumnavigation

Lecture 88/6: Where Does the Story Begin?

Lecture 87/5: Sub-Saharan Africa Today, Continued

WEEK 32/Sub-Saharan Africa Week 2


Lecture 86/4: Sub-Saharan Africa Today

Lecture 85/3: Introduction to Sub-Saharan Africa

WEEK 31/Sub-Saharan Africa Week 1


Lecture 84/2: Regrouping, Continued

Lecture 83/1: Regrouping

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