WEEK 16/Japan Week 7


Lecture 41/18: Test Preparation Class

Lecture 40/17: Review of China and Japan


Test Preparation

WEEK 15/Japan Week 6


Lecture 39/16: Post-Imperial Japan in the World Today

Lecture 38/15: Reactionary Imperialism, Part 3

Lecture 37/14: Reactionary Imperialism, Part 2

WEEK 14/Japan Week 5


Lecture 36/13: Reactionary Imperialism, Part 1

Lecture 35/12: Modernization Begins

Lecture 34/11: The Perry Expedition and End of Sakoku


WEEK 13/Japan Week 4


Lecture 33/10: Insular Japan

Lecture 32/9: The European Arrival

Lecture 31/8: Shoguns and Emperors

WEEK 12/Japan Week 3


Lecture 30/7: The Rise of Bureaucratic Monarchy in Japan

Lecture 29/6: The Rise of the Yamato Dynasty

Lecture 28/5: Divine Kingship in the Real World

WEEK 11/Japan Week 2

Lecture 27: The Origin Story of Japanese Culture

Lecture 26: Post-Imperial Japan

Lecture 25: Japan as a Major Culture

WEEK 10/Japan Week 1

Lecture 24: Introduction to Japan

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