High School Ancient History – Archive 7

Week 21

Lecture56 – The Greco-Persian War (Conclusion)


Lecture57 – The Athenian Golden Age


Lecture58 – The Peloponnesian War


History Through Art, Week 21









Week 22

Lecture59 – The Decline and Fall of Greece, Part 2


Lecture60 – The Decline and Fall of Greece, Part 3 (Alexander “the Great”)


Lecture61 – The Decline and Fall of Greece, Part 4 (Alexander, Part 2)


History Through Art, Week 22










Week 23





Washington’s Birthday

No Class February 15






Lecture62 – Part 4 Review


History Through Art, Week 23







Lecture63 – Test 4 Preparation Class




HAOH February Break

No Classes Feb. 22-25





Week 24, Part 1

Lecture64 – From Greece to Rome

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  • Audio only lectures are being discontinued, subject to your feedback.  If you absolutely rely on audio lectures, please contact Mr. Powell at mrpowell [at] historyatourhouse.com. 


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