Upper Elementary American History – Archive 2


Lecture4 – The World We Live In, Continued (You Are Here, Part 4)


Lecture 5 – American History’s First “Anchor Fact”


History Through Art Week 2


GEOGRAPHY Week2 – America: New England



Lecture 6 – Way, Way, Way before Columbus


Lecture 7 – The America-Centric World We Live In


Lecture 8 – America as World Police Power


History Through Art, Week 3

 A Scene from History
by Antonio Gisbert Perez

Screencast (Youtube)

Audio Lecture




GEOGRAPHY Week 3 – America: Mid-Atlantic



Lecture 9 -Filling in the “Big Picture”


Lecture 10 – Filling in the “Big Picture,” Part 2: Christianity and the Calendar


Lecture 11 – Completing the “Big Picture”


History Through Art, Week 4


GEOGRAPHY Week 4 – America: South Atlantic States



Lecture 12 – Building a Tower of Knowledge


Lecture 13 – The European World of Christopher Columbus, Part 1



Screencast (Youtube)

Audio Lecture







Lecture 14 – The European World of Christopher Columbus, Part 2


History Through Art, Week 5

A Scene from History
by Alexander Bubnov

Screencast (Youtube)

Audio Lecture



Parent Orientation to Geography Testing


GEOGRAPHY Week 5 – Test 1, Test Preparation



WEEK6 (Part 1)

Lecture15 – The Way Life was Organized in the Time of Columbus


Lecture16 – France and England in the Time of Columbus


Week 6 resource listings resume in the October archive.

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