Upper Elementary


Week 8

Lecture 21: Test Preparation

Week 7

Lecture 20: Review of Islamic History

Lecture 19: Geography and Anchor Fact Review

Lecture 18: Review of Anchor Facts

Week 6

Lecture 17: Revisiting Triumphal Islam

Lecture 16: The War on Terror

Week 5

Lecture 15: Islamism Since 1979

Lecture 14: The Return of Triumphalism, Part 2

Lecture 13: The Return of Triumphalism

Week 4

Lecture 12: The Disintegration of Islamic Culture

Lecture 11: Rise of Triumphal Islam

Lecture 10: Review of Asia and the World We Live In

Week 3

Lecture 9: Islamism

Lecture 8: The Key to the Islamic World Today

Lecture 7: Islamic Culture Today

  • Test answer keys for Upper Elementary JAPAN are now available on the JAPAN webpage.
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Week 2

Lecture 6: American Primacy

Lecture 5: The World Police Power

Lecture 4: The America-Centric World, Part 2

Week 1

Lecture 3: The America-Centric World

Lecture 2: Learning to See the Elephant

Lecture 1: The Blind Men and the Elephant

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