Junior High


Week 6

Lecture 18: Test Preparation

Lecture 17: History Through Art

Lecture 16: Japan, China, and the World We Live In

Week 5

Lecture 15: Isolated Japan – A Closer Look

Lecture 14: Organizing East Asia, Part 2

Lecture 13: Organizing East Asia

Week 4

Lecture 12: The Japanese Empire, Part 3 of 3

Lecture 11: The Japanese Empire, Part 2

Lecture 10: The Japanese Empire

Week 3

Lecture 9: The End of Isolation, Part 2

Lecture 8: The End of Isolation

Lecture 7: What About Jimmu?

Week 2

Lecture 6: The Origins of Today’s Japan

Lecture 5: Japan and World War II

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  • Please note: Due to a shocking downgrade of functionality on Webex, I cannot provide a video panel in recordings at this time.  If this condition persists, I will stop using Webex and move to another platform.

Lecture 4: Post-Imperial Japan, Continued

Week 1

Lecture 3: Post-Imperial Japan

Lecture 2: Isolation and Xenophobia

Lecture 1: Japan and the World We Live In

Introductory Segment for World History

Lecture 5: The World’s Cardinal Cultures, Continued

Lecture 4: The World’s Cardinal Cultures

Lecture 3: The World and its History

Lecture 2: Getting to Know the World

Lecture 1: The World Is Knowable – And It’s Worth It!

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